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Car Tire Huaraches

Yes, finally I made a pair och car tire huaraches.

It was simple, fun and didn't cost a fortune.

Previously I made a prototype pair but they were too fragile for any rough usage like running wild in the forest.

Start with a rubber tire without the steel radial web otherwise it's impossible to cut. I used a carpenter's knife for cutting the big pieces.

Road Runner (Hjulben)

Cut two slightly more than foot size pieces.

Almost done...

Trace the outline of the foot with a pen and cut the rubber to the correct size. Now I put the big knife to the side and presented a smaller and much sharper knife used for cutting carpets.

Closer and closer...

Drill holes for the laces. Remove feet first! One hole should be placed between the big toe and the toe next to the big toe. The other two holes should be placed on either side of the ancle. If you study the following image you'll get the idea.

The final result

I'm very proud of the result and tomorrow I will take them for a spin round lake Dräggsjön. On Monday I will wear the in the office. I'm sure my collegues will turn green of envy.

And I will sleep with them tonight...


Ps. I suggest you google for a better description of buy a really nice pair from the barefoot master blaster BarefootTed. Ds.

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