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Back squats

I have never been a gym rat using free weights, barbeg, dumbells and strange heavy stuff with names unknown to whimps like me.

Yesterday I lost my virginity. After a mental struggle and 60 minutes of spinning I sneaked into the gym and found a rack, an olymic barbell and some weigths.

Olympic barbell and a nice rack

The goal was to complete a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) consisting of only Back squats 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. That is seven repeats of maximum weight with as much rest as you want between each repetition.

First I tried the barbell without weights keeping an eye in the mirror on the techinque. It looked pretty good so I mounted some two 10 kg weigths and started the WOD. Before next repeat I mounted another two 10 kg weights. For the last two reps I mounted two 5 kg weights.

After checking the weight of the barbell, 20 kg, I could calculate the correct weights: 40, 60, 60, 60, 60, 70, 70 kg.


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