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Down for a count...

Down for a count after my first barefoot tabata session.

A tabata interval session takes 4 minutes to do but is very exhausting. I've tried it before but never with bare feet.

Doing tabatas with naked paws works perfectly well, but make sure the surface is nice and smooth, otherwise it can hurt you bad. Today I used the 350 meter running track around the Viskavallen soccer court. One or two minor stones here and there but I managed to avoid them.

First I jogged one round as warm-up. It was enough because I ran a short terrain course half an hour before. I started the tabata-timer in my cellphone and ran 8 times of 20 second maximum effort with 10 seconds rest. About two and three quarters of a round where completed. Finnished the session with a slow jogg the remainding quarter.

A complete workout in about 10 minutes - That's great for a busy man!


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