Jag finns numer på


men denna blogg finns kvar av historiska skäl.


Skäggy (Beardy)

As you can see I'm growing a beard.

- Why do you grow a beard, you strange barefoot running owl?

I'm sure a gigantic beard will get more attention than my bare feet. Now everybody looks with suspicion on my bared soles when I pass them on the forrest trails around my home with a big smile on my face. With the kind of beard I have in mind they would say:

- What a beard! It's amazing!


Ps. Some nice looking beards can be found at www.beards.org. Ds.


Jonas Persson said...

Det där var väl inget, knappt fjunig ju!

Calle Robertsson said...

Ja, ja, än så länge, men vänta bara...