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Hither and dither in Mark

Relaxing after 3H long slow distance

The sunday's long run was a real odyssey through my home community Marks Kommun. Starting from home, Stenhall, and ending at Friskis in Skene where I met up with my wife and kids.

Started running the old Öxabäck road to Kovra where I crossed the road and went up the hills to Sjögarås. Continued on terrain path Älgstigen to Hanatorp where i ran along the beach as far as possible to the little stream, turned back a bit and continued to Örbyhallen passing the camping.

Passed under Svenljunga-road into the forrest, ran the path to Åbacken where I crossed the brook and continued through the forrest and over the field to Hjortedal.

Next up was the asfalt road to Skutesjön where I entered the path leading up to Furuberg. Eat some pemmican and walked a hill. After I while it started to be downhill and I reached Skoghem in Bollared.

The Golf Club where passed without any intermezzo and I ran the tunnel to the railroad in Kinna. Tried the new cycle path along Sahara and ran down Mor Kerstins road where I took a small hill I wanted to try for a while.

Pruhults road took me to the new Viskan river passing and left me to battle the hill at Viskavallen. I won!

Nynäsgatan and Velingstorps road took me to Kajbergsvägen where another uphill took me to the Hedgärdesvägen. Running down I choose Sjuhäradsvägen to Hebo and ran all the way down to Viskan before I when up the hill to Willys and around the block to Friskis where I could get a well deserved rest in the green green grass before the family arrived.

The run was hot and humid, slow and unfocused. And I have lost all belief that running 100 miles is possible.

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