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GAX 100 2009

Some images and movies from my attempt to run futher than I ever did before - the GAX 100 miles.

Towards the starting line
The hard part was reaching the starting line.

After some time of low confidence in my running ability and too few miles in my legs I didn't think it would be possible to run more than a standard marathon, but after some pressure from the family and agains my own sane mind I was now in the car, riding with my wife, towards the starting line at St Knuts square in Ystad.

The start
About 30 runners were gather at the square and at 08:00 hours we were off.

Hour 1
After one hour of running I felt rather good. The city of Ystad was now behind me and the landscape opened up. I can't really call it rain, but some kind of cool humidity was hanging in the air.

1 h

Hour 2
Scania is not as plain as it looks. Here there is a long downhill, and behind the farm a rather steep and long uphill.

Hour 3 - still going strong
From the open I came into a pine forrest. Still feeling good.

Hour4 - moving on
Still after 4 hours and about 33 km I was living the dream as the very light rain was keeping my body cool - really perfect running weather.

Hour 5 - back on track
Just before five hours running the route markings were poor and I missed a turn, giving me about a mile of extra running.

Hour 6 - 1/4
At 6 hours on the road I had passed the first service station where I had feed myself with some cream, some cheese, and some cocosfat. Filled up the camelbak.
6 h 1/4

Hour 7 - soon 50 km
Now I was not only running, but ultra-running.

Had a close encounter with this little calf and his companions. They were very friendly.

Hour 8 - i like to move it
Now it started to get warmer but still no sun. I was feeling a bit tired.

Hour 9 - 23 to go
Tripping over Lövestads Åsar I did my daily barfoot streak run. The trail was muddy but my feet were happy to get out of the stinking shoes.

Hour 10 - more than 10 km to Haväng
Running alongside the Verksån river was very pleasant. A shady trail snakeing its way forward towards Haväng.

Hour 11
The last stretch towars half-way was really hard. The hills of Brösarp was tough to overcome.

Hour12 - Haväng in sight
Finally I reached the service station in Haväng were I took a well deserved break before moving on into the night.

Hour 13 - passing my old distance record 81++ km
I was happy to pass my old distance record after abouf 13 hours. The darkness was now starting to come down on Scania.

Hour 14 - leaving Kivik
Leaving Kivik, entering the night...

The night
Just like last year I climbed up and down Stenshuvud i complete darkness. Would be nice to go there in daylight some time.
To continue running through the night was an intresting experience. The movement forward could not be called running but I was dragging along all night apart from two short naps straight on the ground when I was starting to wobble too much.

The only really dark moment was wakeing up after the first nap, otherwise my mind was positive if not happy.

Hour 22
During the night I got more worn out, bad chaffing in the armpits and a bad blister under the ball of the left foot made me aim for the 128K station instead of the finishing line.
If the blister would go really bad I would loose weeks of training and also my mind.

Hour 24 - infinite beach
The last stretch was along the infinite beach towards Sandhammaren. Infinite is about 4-5 miles.

128 km - end of story
Finally I reached Sandhammaren where my wife Maria and small son Gustav were waiting and the story ends for this time.

I came with nothing and left with 128 km of wonderful trailrunning and 24 exiting hours in the lovely Scania.


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