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men denna blogg finns kvar av historiska skäl.



My youngest son, Gustav, 4.5 yrs, wanted to tag long on my 84th barefoot streakrun so he put on his jogging shoe and I nothing. We decided to take my ordinary mile run (1.65 km) but after a couple of hundred meters he started to get whimpy and lost the will of running. We continued another hundred meters until we stopped and I asked him if he wanted to go barefoot instead.

- Yes!

Imidiatly he turned into a running machine. When we turned of the asfalt into a small forrest road he got even faster and on the trail part he was amazing, se the movie above.

He had a rough time on a 100 meter piece of gravel road, but that didn't stop him as he sprinted the last trail path to our home.

I wonder if the fruit of my loins is a natural barefoot runner.

Is it a bird, is it a aeroplane, no it's Barefoot Gustav!


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Unknown said...

Häftigt! Får han samma bränsle som sina päron?